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We are your source for streamlining your business for increased profitability. With a fully automated system during the entire appraisal process, you save valuable time in ordering, tracking, and receiving orders. Our system is designed to help you increase revenues and make the process worry free. We are here to assist you any time during the process either by phone or email to ensure your success.
Your Advanced AMC partners are comprised of experienced professionals who understand your business needs. You will have customized, advanced software with professional partners to assist you. Our system is sensitive to changes in the industry and has the ability to adjust to those changes instantly for your benefit.
The time you save in the order processing will allow you to focus on your business. This process is designed to streamline your work, creating a far more efficient and stress free appraisal ordering process.

Features to increase efficiency and revenues:

  • Customizable System: Our system will conform to your business needs rather than you conforming to the software. Our goal is to increase your revenues and reduce your work load with a time efficient system.
  • Efficient Processing: By reducing time spent on ordering, filing, managing, and delivering, you save time and money.
  • Automated appraisal notification and appraisal assignment tasks
  • Reports are accessible during entire process
  • Compatible with all tablets and smart-phones
  • Easy to use
  • Support team always available